Sli Dala

Slí Dála

(Slí Dála : Way to the Assembly)

The name Slí Dála means the ‘Way to the Assembly’. According to Irish legend, during the reign of the of Irish high kings, fi ve great highways or in Irish, Slighe, radiated from Tara. Tara was probably the location of the assembly. The highway going south to Munster was known as the Slí Dála and there is evidence that its route dissected this area.

  • Walks start from the locations shown on the maps.
  • Choose a walk to suit your capabilities.
  • Guidance times are based on a steady pace with about half an hour for stops.
  • Dress appropriately - wear or carry warm and waterproof clothes.
  • Please observe the country code: close all gates and take litter home.

Vicarstown   Fisherstown   The Derries   Vicarstown to The Derries


9 kms./ 2 hours
Canal & Road Walk

A lovely quiet walk along the banks of the Grand Canal, making a circuit from Vicarstown. Take care with children on the canal banks.

A. Start from car park beside the canal in Vicarstown. Cross the road and follow a road beside the canal leading past moored boats and warehouses on your left. The road soon becomes a grassy track along
the canal bank.

B. Reach Courtwood Bridge and leave the canal, turning right along a quiet road.

C. After c. 30 minutes, turn right along a road which leads back to the canal. Keep left and follow the canal bank road back to Vicarstown

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9 kms. / 2 hours
River & Canal Walk

This walk leaves the sleepy hamlet of Fisherstown to travel the banks of the River Barrow, returning by the Grand Canal. Take care near water with young children.

A. Start from the Fishermans Inn. Walk down to Fisherstown Bridge and cross over the Grand Canal. Continue on the road which leads onto the River Barrow.

B. Follow the bank of the River Barrow downstream. Use the various stiles and footbridges but note that there is no distinct path as such.

C. Reach a car park (opening 2001), turn right and follow the track back out to a road. Turn right.

D. Reach Courtwood Bridge and cross over. Turn right along a grassy canal bank path to return to Fisherstown Bridge.

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The Derries

Forest Walks

This property are owned and managed by Coillte.

A short stroll around Rathdaire Lake. Suitable for buggies and wheelchairs.

A. Start from the car park beside Rathdaire Lake. Walk eitheir direction on a broad track around the lake. There are picnic tables and fi shing stands (under construction).

Forest Walk 1

3 kilometres.

Start from the car park at Rathdaire Lake. Walk to the far corner of the lake and turn uphill on a forest path that runs close to the forest edge. Turn right when you reach a forest road and then keep left at succeeding junctions to return to this point.

Forest Walk 2

5½ kilometres.

Follow Forest Walk 1 for 2 kilometres and then turn right to follow the longer route marked in pink. This returns to the road which is then followed back to the car park.

Fallow Deer

You will almost certainly see deer flitting through The Derries. The Fallow Deer are the most numerous deer in Ireland. Their summer coat is chestnut with white specks on the flanks. Their winter coat is greyish - brown with no spots. The Fallow Deer’s rump is white, boarded by a brown line. The trail is blac with a white underside.

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Vicarstown to The Derries

8 kms./ 2 hours
Road & Forest Walk

This walk connects the canal walks at Vicarstown with
the forest walks at The Derries. (Walk due to open
during Spring, 2001).

A. Start from car park beside the canal in Vicarstown. Cross the road and follow a road beside the canal leading past moored boats and warehouses on your left. The road soon becomes a grassy track along the canal bank.

B. Cross the Grattan Aquaduct, a stone bridge that allows the Glasha River to fl ow under the canal. After a short distance, turn left up a grassy track away from the canal. Turn left and then right along tarred roads.

C. Reach the end of the tarred road at Coolroe. Continue on the waymarked route and enter the forest. Travel along the forest road until it reaches a tarred road. Turn right for Rathdaire Lake.


The Belin Angling Club is the local organisation. The following species are found in the River Barrow: Salmon, Brown Trout, Pike, Bream, Rudd and Perch. On the canal can be found: Pike, Bream, Rudd and Tench. You can obtain more information from:
Christy Finlay (057-8643900)
Mick Flynn (057-8626196)
Ben McCormack (057-8643317)
Christy Noons (057-8626360).

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